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  • Focus on Learning

    A great education is important for success in later life. We are here to focus on outstanding teaching learning and this is evidenced by the progress our children make as they grow through our schools.

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  • Care for others

    A good society is one where children can show care and empathy for others. We expect this to show in our schools through zero tolerance of bullying and outstanding behaviour.

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  • Respect and Trust

    These key characteristics help build a good community. Our schools will be places where staff and pupils are respected and trusted. All our staff and pupils can expect leadership that is open and honest.

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  • Teamwork

    The ability to work well in a team is vital to modern life. We expect good teamwork, based on good relationships, from the MAT board, the school governors, senior leaders, teachers, office staff and children! We can’t reach our full potential as people or as an organisation alone.

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  • Inclusive

    Prejudice has no place in school life. We include others, even if their views and ideas are different to ours and we are open to the needs of others.

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  • Courage

    We try new things and test ourselves. We will not be too risk averse, but will take chances where there is a reasonable chance of success.

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  • Enjoyment

    We want our children to want to come to school! Learning is fun and Inspiring Futures is committed to improving outcomes within a fun learning environment.

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  • Trust

    Trust believes in sharing experience and murmuring and focusing on the schools

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    Welcome to the Inspiring Futures Academy Trust website. The schools within our trust all share the same vision, we value every individual and support the rights of every child and adult to learn, work and live in a just community and to be treated with respect. We aim to provide a great quality of education for all our pupils and opportunities to learn and grow for all our staff too! Inspiring Futures for everyone, every day in every way!

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    Experienced Staff

    We have networks of experienced school leaders as part of our staff to help guide and support you.

    School toSchool Support

    Our schools all collaborate together to give you the best support available.

    Support andGuidance

    We have financial advisers and people on board to help you with any questions you might have.


    We are always looking to improve. We use the latest education research to inform all our improvements and we can help you to grow even more.

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